How to Make My PowerPoint Look Amazing – Without Being a Designer!

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The presenter takes their place. Anticipation! The speaker fiddles round with the computer and then… Their first slide! Oh, no, 10 bullet factors, no photograph and greater textual content follows as the presenter drones on, slowly using a deadly stake into their presentation… And the target market.

Has this ever occurred to you while sitting in an audience? Presentations have received a terrible rep-for appropriate purpose. At one point, we’ve all sat through those lengthy-winded speeches and hot mess PowerPoints. Don’t fear, we’re right here to help!

We’ve compiled a listing of the top 7 errors to avoid and what to do alternatively to improve your subsequent PowerPoint presentation. (These presentation recommendations can paintings past PowerPoint to Keynote, Prezi and some other presentation device you use!)

Mistake #1: Not getting ready

Decide at the goal of the presentation. By creating an outline first, you make certain that the content of your presentation is stable before you concern your self with the visual elements.

Mistake #2: Too tons textual content

Too much textual content is a layout killer.

If you are going to positioned word for word what you are going to mention, quit the slides and take a seat instead. After all, if your target market is studying what you’re saying, then what is the point of you being there? Remember you’re now not giving a file, you are giving a presentation.


Instead of full sentences, use bullet factors to supply the important thing thoughts to your slides. On common, every bullet have to don’t have any more than 6 words and every slide have to haven’t any more than 6 bullet factors.

When the usage of bullet points, construct them one after the other on the slide using the easy appear animation impact. This way, you may talk to each point in my view and talk approximately it without your target audience skipping beforehand.

Mistake #3: Not enough visuals

Even for well rehearsed shows, a terrible visible revel in can break it for the target market. Plus, can you observed of anything greater dull than looking at natural textual content for an hour? Remember, a photo without a doubt is worth a 1,000 phrases!


When feasible, search for approaches to apply a visual, together with a diagram or image, to illustrate the point you are making rather than textual content. Audiences respond higher to visuals that get them questioning.

Don’t get caught the usage of cheesy stock artwork while you could nab free excessive satisfactory snap shots that make a miles stronger visual declaration. Sites like http://www.Freeimages.Com/ offer snap shots which can be unfastened to apply and lots of most effective require attribution, which can be thrown in at the end of your presentation with a hyperlink to the source.

Tip: Don’t get carried away – it’s a presentation, not a image album.

Avoid clip artwork because it regularly undermines the professionalism of you as the presenter. There may additionally exceptions, so use cautiously and sparingly.

Mistake #4: Bad Design

People are capable of throw collectively some of the most atrocious, unpleasant, and utterly dull presentations on the planet. Using the slide issues included to your software program is presentation suicide. They’re overused, dull and typically pretty unsightly.


We take into account that for non-designers leaving at the back of templates can also seem a bit frightening, however you could do it! Remember to hold a steady use of colours, pix and alignment to offer a cohesive appearance in your presentation. Whitespace is a superb element. The much less litter you’ve got to your slide, the extra effective your visible message becomes.

Select hues which have excessive evaluation, so that the textual content and graphics may be without problems seen whilst shown. (Dark backgrounds need a mild text shade). Check the evaluation of your colorings with the online Color Contrast Calculator.

Mistake #five: Bad fonts

Non-designers frequently strain out about finding the proper typeface for a presentation and for true purpose. The right font could make or break your presentation.


Remember that typefaces can speak a mood, a point in time, or any range of different elements. Instead of surfing your font listing and looking for "something cool," rather reflect onconsideration on the message you want to deliver.

Consider the fonts underneath for example of the way typography can communicate with its layout. Old style serif fonts generally tend to sense formal and expert at the same time as sans-serif fonts feel current and clean. Never be scared of trendy-searching fonts. Using them can assist make certain that your layout remains inside the realm of smooth and expert and away from cluttered and unsightly.

Our rule is which you ought to usually now not use a font below 18 factor size. If the font is too small, no person may be capable of study the words. However, in case your slides are going to be projected over a huge location, there may be no need to extend the textual content excessively to fill the available area.

Mistake #6: Animations

Don’t be tempted to apply some thing too distracting like "Checkerboard", "Honeycomb" or "Flip". Or, even worse, pick distinctive transitions for every slide.


Avoid motion of slide elements, it is very distracting to the audience. Avoid dissolves, spins or different transitions. If you’ve got your heart set on the use of transitions stick to a simple one like "Fade". Wow them together with your content, no longer your transitions!

Mistake #7: No Conclusion Slide


Every presentation desires a conclusion. Too many speakers virtually give up a presentation through pronouncing "that’s all I even have." If you have got a concluding slide with three – five precis factors, you’ll depart the target audience with a much more potent influence. You can by no means emphasize and restate your main points too often.

I desire you’ve determined those suggestions practical and smooth to enforce yourself. Ultimately the intention right here turned into to show you which you don’t necessarily have to be a clothier to create notable searching presentation. Leave a comment below if you want to sign up for the discussion and share your very own recommendations and tricks for higher slide layout.