4 Ways to Communicate Better

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Communication is an important skill, both for your career success and for your private relationships.

  1. Be plausible

You’ve got to get across to your audience that you are plausible, worthy of trust. This applies equally to an audience of one or an audience of 300. And applies equally to written communication.

Make it clear from the outset what you are setting out to communicate, your purpose. This enables the audience to decide if it wishes .to engage with you. Are you a credible source of information on this subject? Tell them a bit about yourself.

2. We have two ears and one mouth

Be aware of the effect of what you say on other people. Look at their facial expressions and read their body language. Listen to what they say.

3. Clear and concise

When you speaking, don’t waffle. It is natural to speak to fill a silence but don’t do it. Be calm and concise. For written communication, don’t just send your first version. Most writing can be vastly improved by a second draft.

4. Feedback is good

Feedback can take many forms; facial expressions, questions, overt criticism, written messages, and other verbal and nonverbal messages. Learn from this feedback and you will improve as a communicator.